Soulful Business Alchemy

Your business has a soul, a unique frequency.

What if I told you your business has a soul!

Yes!! It’s true.

They all have their own energy frequency.  

Every business has thier own guides that are there just to  support you in your spiritual, creative or business visions

  • Wouldn't it be great to have some divine guidance & direction from a team that are working only for your best interests. 
  • Guidance to pinpoint what is blocking you from moving forward
  • Support so you clear blocks,  limiting beliefs, vows & contracts that are keeping you stuck & frustrated. 
  • Someone who can see the bigger picture, beyond the minefield of  social media posts, website design, blogs & videos. 
  • Guidance that can help you get clear on your next steps in your business & focus on what's important right now. 
  • Support to help you through the fears & doubts that every spiritual business woman faces as she brings her unique gifts out into the world. 
  • Clarity on what services, offerings & prices you should charge.  

It is my pleasure to share with you messages, guidance and healing for your business. I am honoured to be a part of your journey.

Soulful business alchemy is  intuitive coaching for spiritual women in business.

To help gain clarity & confidence & direction, so they can do what they love, make the impact they desire and make more money.

There comes a time in our lives & businesses that we just know we need to step into something new. 

You know that you need to shed the old and call in the new.

You feel you are on the cusp of something great, you are upleveling.

No matter where you are on your spiritual business journey there will always be questions, fears, doubts & beliefs that stand in our way, it's life!

Your internal ecology - self talk, self belief is what will determine how far you can go in your business, As within, so without. 

Knowing when to reach out for support is the most important thing to learn as a spiritual business woman.

You might feel like you can handle it, and of course you can, but sometimes we just need to see things from a higher perspective. 

It is my passion to work with spiritual entrepreneurs, to tune into the energy of their business.

Here's what past clients had to say.

I had a wonderful 1:1 session with Caitriona. When running a business I tend to have sooo many ideas & want to do everything - which can leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed and getting nothing done. Caitriona helped get things more focused and called me out on a few things too! I’m grateful for her support and would recommend her if you are looking to get on track, have some higher level guidance and insights in your business. Patricia Lohan 

"My  business session was just what I needed, insightful, humorous, no nonsense and spot on. It opened up other avenues I hadn't considered, made connections I hadn't been aware of and gave me grounded tangible steps to take towards my goal. I loved Caitriona's visual sharing of how my guides came across, it made so much sense!Caitriona's knowledge and awareness in facilitating this enabled me to relax into her very safe hands. I feel the session is still weaving it's magic in my day to day life as more insights and "aha" moments spring up. It was amazing to be able to ask any questions and get such precise answers. I feel so much more focussed with a clear direction of the steps I need to take for my business.My excitement and passion have been re-ignited and I feel more certain about where to put my energies now. I would highly recommend a session with Caitriona". Fiona Hughes. 

"The business session helped me to integrate my passions and creativity with practical steps to take to express them into the world in authentic and appealing ways.  It helped me to see how all of my different interests, though sometimes they seem to pull me in opposing directions, are actually all essential parts of an elegant wholeness.  The session with Caitriona helped me to see the bigger picture and trust in it timely development" Sama Morningstar 

Thank you so much for that powerful session! It was the best money I ever spent xx  Barbara Roche 


When you clear old outdated beliefs, blocks, vows, agreements and contracts you gain clarity, vision and focus and are free to move forward easily with your mission in this lifetime. 

Doing the inner work and receiving  guidance from the soul of your business  is the perfect combination for you to get clear on your next steps in your business & focus on what's important right now. 

Emotional support during the session can help you through the fears & doubts that every spiritual business woman faces as she brings her unique gifts out into the world. 

Whether you are just starting out on your entreprenurial journey or you have been in business for a while working with me can help you get clearer on where you want your business to go.

It will help you focus on what is important , eliminates the distractions and shiny object syndrome!

It will help you identify whats holding you back from going to the next level in your work. 

I can support you in finding those pesky weeds and removing them with ease and replacing them with the seeds of your dreams and the confidence in your ability to achieve them. 

 You will gain confidence in your ability as a healer/coach/therapist/lightworker/spiritual business owner, so you can do the work you are meant to be doing.

Your journey will support you on moving to the next level in your business no matter whether you are just starting out or have an already established successful business. 

Gain clarity, vision, focus and freedom to help you move forward easily with your mission in this lifetime.

How does it work?

You may feel like you would like to book an initial session to see how we could work together. 

Please note that these sessions are a way to get to know how I work, I only do a single session once, from there you may like to sign up for my 12 week one to one program, my Wise and Wealthy Woman Program or a yearly subscription where you will have me as part of your business team for the year.  You will find more information on these options in the menu at the top of the page. 

Each session is 90 minutes, you, me & your business guides. We meet online on Zoom. 

You will recieve guidance, next steps, clearing,  insights, Aha's and so much juicy info! 

Cost - €222

90 minute session online via Zoom

To book use the scheduler below.